Our learning and teaching programs are designed to provide students with experiences to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum.

Learning at St John's Riverstone

Learning and teaching programs at St John’s meet the K-6 curriculum outcomes set by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). In addition to Religious Education, our six subjects or key learning areas are:

  • English: Caters for the children's interests, abilities and individual needs, and focuses on learning skills in reading, writing, listening, viewing and speaking.
  • Mathematics: A 'hands on' program designed to stimulate and challenge the students with mathematical concepts in number, space, geometry, patterns, algebra and measurement. 
  • History and Geography: exposes the children to people, traditions, lifestyles, changes in our world, and care for our environment. Outdoor education is becoming an integral part of our curriculum, in response to environmental awareness. This includes caring for our school environment and sharing these good habits at home and in our neighbourhood.
  • Science: encourages 'hands on' experiences so that the children may explore scientific and technological areas relevant to their lives. Technology is integral in today’s learning. We incorporate and utilise new technologies into all aspects of classroom life.
  • Creative Arts: Each class enjoys music and drama lessons that offer the children the opportunity to develop their talents freely and wisely, in an encouraging environment. The Music program is based on the Creative Arts Syllabus. There is also a school choir, and visits from performers. Creative Arts is also integrated within other key learning areas.
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: addresses the students’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Each class has sport/physical education weekly. Students are given the opportunity to compete in local cluster, zone and diocesan events.