Who We Are

St John’s Primary is a caring school community where each child is known, cared for and understood, enabling them to become independent, lifelong learners.

St John’s Primary Riverstone provides a nurturing and supportive environment that ensures all our students appreciate their uniqueness and self-worth and that of their peers.

Our Vision and Mission

St John's Riverstone Kids

We believe that St John’s is a dynamic, innovative Catholic school, where each child is known, cared for and understood.

We are proud to belong to a community alive with Gospel faith.

Our purpose is to provide a secure, educational environment that develops independent, lifelong learners.

We believe in the importance of:

  • building and maintaining high academic standards
  • striving for personal excellence within our community of learners
  • encouraging a highly professional and dedicated staff
  • developing an effective partnership between home, school and parish.

We place a high value upon justice, respect and equity.

We appreciate and nurture the uniqueness and self-worth of each individual.

We respect and work in harmony with our school’s unique physical setting.

St John's School Logo

St John’s Primary school motto, ‘Strive to Achieve’, has a long history. In 2003 the school logo was changed to its present form. The cross and the gum leaves represent our Christ-centred learning in a semi-rural setting.


St John's Belief Statement

Improving learning outcomes for all students is central to a quality Catholic education at St John’s. We believe that students learn best when the school and parish community work together to create a faith-filled environment based on Gospel values. We are committed to the total care of the whole student – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

We believe that students learn best when our learning environment:

  • is stimulating and welcoming
  • is safe, happy and consistent
  • values and caters to the diverse needs of each child
  • celebrates the contributions made by students
  • promotes opportunities for inquiry, investigation and discovery
  • encourages collaborative learning and creative problem solving
  • is well resourced.

We believe that students learn the best when the teacher:

  • provides enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful activities at all levels of learning
  • models and encourages positive attitudes
  • models and facilitates independent thinking
  • motivates and invites students to participate in, and plan, their learning
  • celebrates and affirms students’ progress
  • commits to meaningful self-reflection and evaluation, and is open to new challenges
  • engages in ongoing professional development.

We believe students learn best when learning is fun and when they:

  • engage in activities that are relevant and purposeful
  • take control of their own learning and are responsible for it
  • experience the freedom to question and record their own processes
  • verbalise concepts
  • take risks, have a go, guess, try a new or different way of doing things
  • do and discover
  • believe they can do it
  • recognise both their own and others’ strengths and challenges
  • value uniqueness
  • set goals that strive for targets just beyond their comfort zone.

We believe that students learn best when parents:

  • initiate, guide and develop their child's faith
  • are supportive and form part of a network of students, staff and other parents.

As a school we are committed to developing and maintaining protective practices to ensure the safety of the people in our care.
We value the uniqueness of all individuals, their customs, traditions and cultural heritage, including the Indigenous members of our community. We promote mutual respect and inclusion of all.

Our History

St John’s has a rich tradition and history that commenced from 1882, when the parish priest of Windsor visited the community weekly.

The present church was built in 1904 and the parishioners of that time put so much energy and vision into the building, that it still stands and serves the St John’s parish community today.

In 1950, Sr Margaret Mary, Sr Angela and Sr Francis of the Order of Saint Clare began teaching in Riverstone. They travelled daily from Richmond until their convent was built in 1957. The church held the first classes and by the end of 1950 the school had over 100 students enrolled. We became a parish in 1951, with Fr Keogh appointed as the first parish priest.

The present parish hall was the first school building and had two classrooms. The James Mason Memorial School building was built in 1954 and the nearby building, closest to Garfield Rd, was constructed in 1958. This building became St John’s Secondary School for five years until the secondary section ceased.

In 1980, we had our first lay principal and in 1981 the sisters of the Order of St Clare ended their teaching at the school. The sisters’ contribution and sacrifice to St John’s Riverstone, was immense and we owe them a great deal.

In 1978, the present two-storey office, canteen and classroom block was constructed.

More recently, all learning spaces were significantly upgraded to create 21st century learning environments. They are equipped with technology, furniture and resources, and a reading recovery program space was created. These upgrades have enabled St John’s to offer a more progressive and innovative learning environment.

In addition, the administration area was refurbished and a new three-stream library and multi-purpose area have been constructed. The library and multi-purpose area are used by all grades and are central areas for learning. All areas incorporate the ability to use wireless technology.

Many students have journeyed through our school over the years and they have been blessed with many dedicated and caring teachers. We have been privileged to learn together in a happy environment and it has been our longstanding success. Our intention is for this success and dedication to continue.


We are proud to serve our community by delivering high quality education

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